Untamed Spirit Animal Oracle


Untamed spirit
Animal oracle
50 cards & guidebook
By Francesca Matteoni & Rocco Lombardi

From our earliest beginnings, animals have been a significant part of our lives. They help us, inspire us, sometimes frighten us, but also protect us. In this dynamic oracle you will find 50 animals – from the land, water, and air – that are considered sacred in various cultures around the globe. Through symbolism and folklore, the cards present the ancestral wisdom of animals and how they can guide us today.

This package includes a 122-page book that describes the origin of each animal’s sacred nature along with a chart that lists its element, where it lives, zoological information, symbols associated with it, and a brief charm to ask the animal for guidance. Each of the 50 cards features a message specific to the animal represented. The illustrations are scratchboard technique; using a black board, the artist scratches the surface to create a relief effect, which brings each creature to life.

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