Our Story

Brandie here. I am the proprietor of Shadow and Soul Emporium & Tea Lounge and this is the story of my small business. 
Following my mom Susan’s courageous battle with Lyme disease, which tragically progressed into ALS, she left me $8,000 in June 2017. Driven by a desire to honor her memory, I was determined to invest in something that would make her proud. In 2018, entering my third year offering psychic medium readings and energy healing through Keene Intuition, a vision of a vibrant retail space dedicated to healing in Keene, NH, began to form in my mind—a sanctuary where individuals could discover self-healing tools, connect with kindred spirits, and experience upliftment.
This vision became a reality when I stumbled upon 35 Main Street, the former home of an apothecary for over fifty years! In 2018, with the support of my family and friends, Soul Emporium was born. We transformed the space with warm aesthetics, fostering a welcoming ambiance. Over time, Soul Emporium blossomed into a metaphysical gift store with the guiding mantra “Come happy. Leave happier!” However, as our offerings expanded, it became evident that shadow work merchandise didn’t align with our uplifting selection.
Thus, in January 2021, Shadow Emporium emerged two doors down. Our guiding principle, “Through the shadows we find our light,” embodies our belief in the transformative power of shadow work. While Shadow Emporium encourages inward reflection, Soul Emporium radiates outward energy.
In October 2023, an opportunity arose to expand even further. We were able to move and combine the two stores. With a space large enough to accommodate a tea lounge, Shadow and Soul Emporium & Tea Lounge opened at 20 Main St. Now a 5,000 square foot metaphysical haven, complete with a tea lounge offering sandwiches, ice cream, delectable trays, and over 100 teas!
None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of my community, clients, customers, family, friends, and dedicated staff. Their passion and expertise have been instrumental in realizing our vision. I am profoundly grateful for the outpouring of support and eagerly anticipate the future of Shadow and Soul Emporium & Tea Lounge.
I know my Mom is watching over!

Brandie Wells

The Breakthrough Medium

Shadow and Soul Emporium