Tarot of the Sorceress – A Witch’s Wheel of the Year


Inspired by a pagan seasonal spirituality, this striking tarot deck is a based on the tarot de marseilles and is designed around the wheel of the year and the seasons and festivals that punctuate it. there is a companion book that provides samples readings and a decryption of each intricate card. Each is drawn beautifully in black and white and printed with metallic highlights.

The 78 cards include: 22 major arcana representing allegories of the seasons and the 8 sabbaths, 56 minor arcana based on the 4 elements present in magical rituals: air (swords) / fire (staffs) / earth (coins) / water (cups). the different messages of the cards refer to the magical rituals of wicca; sabbaths, the seasons, the phases of the moon, the stars, and implements of the elements (crystals, plants, constellations, cauldrons, etc.). Perfect for anyone interested in tarot and the wicca traditions, as well as being a beautiful gift for any tarot user, both beginners and more advanced users.

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